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Travel to Denmark

Travel to Denmark
Photo by Pixabay.com

So where is Denmark and how do you travel there? Well Denmark is located in Northern Europe, surrounded by the beautiful Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany, or Jutland as they call it; and has two large islands named Sjaelland and Fyn. The travel to Denmark is easy and affordable and can be done in a number of convenient ways; by air, train, bus, or ferry. When you arrive in Denmark, you also have the option of getting around by air, train, bus or ferry. So convenient! As part of the European Union, it’s incredibly easy to travel to Denmark from any other European country, and with some smart searching, it’s easy and affordable to travel to Denmark from the United States too! Of course, the easiest way to travel to Denmark from the United States or other countries abroad is to travel to Denmark by commercial plane. There are numerous airports throughout.

Perhaps the most exciting way to travel to Denmark is by train, or with a Eurail Pass. It’s so enjoyable being able to see all the sites out the train window when you travel.

When you travel to Denmark and plan to go from small town to small town, buses provide a means of travel to places in Denmark where large trains and planes won’t go.

For a little more adventure travel to or around Denmark by Ferry. The best way to find a ship or cruise line is to contact the Danish Tourist Board, or any search engine online.