Denmark is the most popular tourist destination in the whole world. Besides the rich history of the place it has many things to offer to the public. In fact this place is well known for the famous city Copenhagen. This place has a great number of museums and these Denmark museums are the best place to appeal your eyes. Great collections of art and culture are found in these famous museums. The most interesting things which these museums offer are castles, buildings, old churches, cliffs and also a spectacular nightlife. If you are a lover of art and culture this place will be the best destination for you. You will be able to know many things about the history of this place and will be surely fascinated by the information and the treat that you get.

The Trapholt Museum is the best museum and one of the most well known among all the Denmark museums. You will come to know about different forms of art and modern fashion in this museum. In this museum you can get acquainted with designs, furniture, applied modern arts and also Kubeflex. This was designed by a famous designer Arne Jacobsen. The Koldinghus is one of such famous museum in Denmark. The oldest buildings which are standing for more than five centuries are also a part of the museum. There you can find great library halls, giant halls, castle chapel and dark dungeon. The topmost section of the giant tower will give you a fantastic aerial view of Kolding town and Castle Lake.

The Danish Museum of Nursing History is also a part of the Denmark museums. This place is known to attract large number of visitors every year. It was told that this building was once a part of the initial Sanatorium in Denmark for those children who suffer from tuberculosis. The Toy Museum is also a famous museum in Denmark. You can enjoy the various sights of story books, teddy bears, flashy novelties, cars and railway sets etc. The Moravian Brethren is another museum where you will get to know many more things about different things of Stone Age. You can come to know about different things that they collected while travelling to Greenland, Africa and Surinam.