Copenhagen zoo is a wonderful place to spend a family vacation. One can visit astonishing amusement theme parks, museums and gardens here and have a pleasurable holiday. Children love to visit the zoo as it is always exciting for them to see many animals in one place right from elephants to monkeys, tigers, bears, deer, kangaroos, emus, banded mongoose, leopard, baboons, lions and many other animals.

The Copenhagen zoo provides various offers to companies to come and enjoy the vivid experience at the zoo with their employees. They also give guided tours so that they can enjoy their visit to the zoo. The zoo education service is provided mainly to the kids so that they can have a great experience with the animals here. They give them information on animals and tell them as to how these animals watch, smell and hear. These experiences help the children a lot as it provides them an understanding of the environment and nature around them.

The zoo is open to the public all round the year from 10 am. Children below the age of 3 years are free to enter. There are 2 restaurants in the Copenhagen zoo that provide delicious food and the visitors can enjoy their lunch here. The children and adults visiting the zoo can even witness the feeding of the animals which is done at a particular time for every animal. One can enquire the timing for this activity at the entrance. A lot of research and nature conservation work is carried out at this zoo in the areas of behavior, genetics and veterinary issues.

One can have a memorable vacation by visiting the zoo in Copenhagen as it is very appealing to the children and adults too. The best part of this zoo is that the training department offers courses for teachers and educators who want to work with animals and even to soldiers and policemen who come in contact with the animals during their job. Zoo camps are also held for children above the age of 8 to provide them the knowledge of how to take care of the animals and experience the atmosphere in a zoo.