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Bakken, the Family Amusement Park

Bakken, the Family Amusement Park
Photo by Pixabay.com

The Bakken amusement park is the perfect place for families where they can spend their day out from the usual stressful day at work and be relaxed. The amusement park provides a thrilling experience to one and all coming here and especially the kids who love to visit this place during their vacation. This place is regarded as a child friendly place as the children can enjoy different rides and have fun while exploring the different animals in the forests, either by travelling by cycle or just walking.

No entry fee charged to enter this amusement park, one needs to just pay for the rides. In the months of December, Christmas is celebrated here to attract the crowds and many Santa Claus and elves come dressed to entertain the crowd in the amusement park and set up a cheerful atmosphere. The Bakken amusement park is very famous in Denmark and it dates back to 1583. The atmosphere around this place is very cozy and casual and it has restaurants, gaming halls, thrill rides, music traditions, colorful cafes and taverns all around the place which excite the kids and the elders too.

A lot of annual events are held in the Bakken amusement park which includes the international clown festival and the beer festival. This park is open to visitors from March to August every year and is then closed as it is the mating season for the deers in the park. The special atmosphere around this place makes it a popular place to visit by millions of people. It is the world’s oldest carnival park that is situated in the depths of the deer park and has over 100 rides, food stalls, ice cream stalls, restaurants and bars. The park is also encircled by a blaze of light and sound.

It is surrounded by lots of trees all around which are more than 400 years old. It is a perfect picnic spot for people where they can have a ride in the horse carriage too. One can entertain themselves here with lots of fun activities and also enjoy the music sung by the singing girls in the park.