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An Introduction to the Scandinavian Country

An Introduction to the Scandinavian Country
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Denmark lies between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and is also called as a Scandinavian country. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is also an active member of the European Union. When it comes to introducing Denmark, it has a monarchical system of government where the Queen is considered the head of the State and Prime Minister is the head of the government. The country has a multi-party system, that is, more than one party can be represented at a time in the parliament. The prices of goods are determined by the way of the free price system. The country is famous for the Vikings who raided the coastal areas of Europe during the 8 century. It used to be the country with a super power in the past though it is not the same in the present scenario. Still, Denmark is known for its lush green farms, fine architecture and advanced technology.

Denmark comprises of 400 islands and has varied weather conditions too- hot summers, autumn, blissful spring and cold winter days. Over 5 million people enable in introducing Denmark and the majority of them are Protestants. Danish Kroner is the currency that is prevalent in the country.

While introducing Denmark, one cannot avoid mentioning the marvelous architecture and the furniture. The country is home to some of the stunning and amazing state-of-the-art architecture like stadiums and opera houses. The modern day furniture that is used by people all over the world has actually originated from Denmark. Such iconic designs of furniture are eye-catching and comfortable too. Along with furniture, it has climbed the ladder of success in the field of fashion too. Renowned stylists and fashion designers organize annual fashion events and parade in the country. Fashion fairs also take place in Denmark where people can buy latest designer and trendy garments. The Danish film industry is watching a boom nowadays with the evolution of a number of extra-ordinary feature films. Same is the case with the sports industry. The music of Denmark is also diverse. The Danish food has also revolutionized with the passage of time with the organization of food festivals every year.